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Border crossing: Democratic Republic of Congo – Angola. GPS S05 .728’ E013 26.133’. Only about 15 minutes from Matadi and although long winded and included taking down all the Yellow Fever Certificate details, the quiet crossing point on the DRC side, named Ango-Ango, proved no problem. Neither did the Angolan border post at Nooui some 200m away.

Bush Camp. GPS S06 13.852’ E013 40.817’. South of Mepala and just off the poorly maintained piste from the border, on an area used by vehicles since the war and so no mines!

Bush Camp. GPS S07 07.808’ E012 59.037’. To the north of the bridge that has replaced the post war ferry and off to the left of the badly maintained gravel road, again in an area recently used by vehicles so mine free.

Bush Camp. GPS S08 27.322’ E013 23.398’. Great site on the beach near the Ponta do Dande, it was deserted and safe to swim in the bay.

Bush Camp. GPS S09 43.440’ E013 13.278’. Another great beach site, to the south of the Cabo Ledo light house; the right turn off the main coastal road on to the track is about 1 km after a right turn to the Cabo Ledo light house that now doubles up as a large and dusty working quarry. The track descends the escarpment to the wide, deserted shore front. If you wish, you can drive south on a sandy track, deep sand at times, alongside the beach for about 25km and then where the beach ends and a rocky promontory begins turn left back up the escarpment on an obvious track to rejoin the main road at GPS S09 50.818’ E013 19.221’.

Lobito. Hotel Turimar. This is an overpriced hotel with few good points, a better bet is to stay in the car park of the very expensive beach front hotel, Hotel Terminus GPS S12 20.294’ E013 33.190’. There is a good restaurant and you can use the wash room, but no shower is available. If you are using this route, it may be a better option to try to stay in Benguela, close by and not so ‘upmarket’ as Lobito.

Bush Camp. GPS S15 24.767’ E014 00.878’. South of Chibia and about 1 km after a bridge over a river; it is off to the left down a used track and well hidden from the main road in fairly dense bush.

Bush Camp. GPS S17 09.263’ E014 01.386’. On the ‘scenic route’ to the Ruacana border crossing point. Great site on the right just after crossing a small shallow river, the site is in a gravel quarry created when the track was maintained. The river is on three sides and used by wildlife, including vervet monkeys.

Border Crossing: Angola – Namibia. Ruacana border crossing point at GPS S17 23.525’ E14 13.182’. Little used but you wouldn’t think so to look at the buildings on both sides, absolutely no problems with the Angolan immigration officer despite overrunning the transit visa by 5 days – he didn’t even comment about it.

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