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Burkina Faso into Ghana

Bobo – Dioulasso. Casa Africa. GPS N11 10.153’ W004 18.709’. Not signposted, however the Bradt guidebook map is good enough to get you within shouting distance. If all else fails, stay on the main road as you come from Ouaga’, keep on going straight ahead until you cross a railway line and then on your left there is a brewery, go another 400m or so and turn off right from the main road down a side road and you are close, then just ask! The whole place is a little tired and care worn, but the facilities are fine, if basic, with shower, etc. Electricity hook up possible, but you will be charged a small fee for it. There are rooms, a restaurant and a bar (with warm beer!). They don’t seem to mind if you self cater.

Banfora. La Canne a Sucre. GPS N10 38.638’ W004 45.571’. Spoil yourself! Not well signposted, but Banfora is small enough for that not to matter, especially if you have the Bradt guidebook! Great place, swimming pool, excellent food, cold beer, secure parking and electricity hook up is possible. It would also seem a good place to base yourself if exploring the area – lots of info, guides and guide prices, etc.

Le Pics de Sindou. Campement Bemba.GPS N10 39.075’ W005 09.338’. This is included for two reasons: Firstly. A campement is nearing completion at this very scenic location. It is likely to be called Campement Bemba and we saw that in addition to accommodation, there will be room for camping with the normal facilities available, electricity hook up will also be available. Secondly. It will be an ideal overnight stop on the very scenic route from Dieri on the N8 from Bobo, then via the dirt tracks R27 and R28 to Banfora. Although we didn’t travel the full route, the bit we did from Banfora to Le Pics de Sindou made us wish we had!

Bush Camp.GPS N10 30.037’ W004 02 .498’. To the north of Kouere on the N11 Banfora to Gaoua road (a good dirt road).

18th April to ??

Border Crossing Burkina Faso – Ghana. Approaching the Hamale border crossing from the west on the R20, shown as R20 on the map, but N20 on the ground and a very good tarred road from Diebougou, you will come to the small town of Ouessa, the Customs post is on the eastern side of town and at the junction with the dirt road to Hamale. The gendarme post is in Hamale. Absolutely no problems at either post. Cross over the border to the Ghana side and, again, absolutely no problems with either the police/immigration post (on the left and visit them first), or the Customs post on the right. The only problem is to remember to speak English! If you do not have any Ghanaian cedis then get some in Hamale, either from the bank close to the Customs post or from the money changer who will be in the area. We didn’t and couldn’t change any money into cedis until we got to Wa, and even then the banks were no use and we had to go to a grocery store!


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