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November 2007- January 4th 2008

Our Journey So Far!!

Our intention of ‘leaving with a bang’ on 5th November came to nought, and, having let our house in London, we found ourselves having to move into Liz’s late parents Old Vicarage in a small Cambridgeshire village on November 16th.

We set up an operations area in the drawing room with maps on the walls and books and files everywhere looking a bit like something out of Dads Army and ready for invasion, our target-Africa.

Setbacks with the preparation of Boris the Beast, our Toyota Land cruiser, for overlanding , culminated with a leaking radiator that had to be replaced over the Christmas period. A complete nightmare! But now, at last, Boris is out of the workshop in Gloucestershire and he’s looking pretty damn good and, like us, eager to get the final finishing touches completed and get going.

We are having great fun now trying to fit all but the kitchen sink into Boris with some alarm, and pondering over what we can get in and what will have to be left behind. We may have overestimated a bit to say the least!

All in all though we are finally getting there and soon will be heading for the sandy pistes of North Africa, then heading south to what will be the sodden equatorial countries. We had hoped to pass through these areas before the deluge of the rainy season. No doubt we shall have impassable roads and waist deep mud to contend with, but it will all be part of the excitement of course!

With new occupants in The Old Vicarage we are now begging hospitality with kind family (thanks Pip and Carlo!), but very soon shall be waving you all goodbye as we cross the channel heading south for adventure and sunshine.

Until our next update and without further delays, (we hope) we should with some luck be camping out with the Berbers somewhere in the Western Sahara by late January.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and may it be a prosperous one for you all.

Liz and Peter

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