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Preparation & Plaudits

PREPARATION. Although this may disappoint those researching in early 2008 for their own overland trip, we do not intend to make any recommendations at this early stage for the equipment, etc that we have sourced during the preparation for this trip and what we have chosen to take with us. Those interested in this information for their own trip will find items of interest (i.e. equipment both good points and bad, GPS co-ordinates etc) on the Overlanding page. This page will also provide the end of trip resumé of tips and recommendations, expanded as necessary.

PLAUDITS. That having been said, there is a select band of people that deserve our thanks for all that they have done to help turn our dream into reality:

BORIS. For those whose genetic inheritance lacks any semblance of an engineering ability, thank heavens for the Toyota Land Cruiser and in particular the Series 80 4.2 litre turbocharged diesel automatic.

JULIAN VOELCKER. Julian is a qualified, highly skilled mechanic and overland enthusiast; he is also the ‘moderator’ for and resident guru on the European Land Cruiser Owners websit ( www.landcruisers.info ). Single handedly over a period of 4 months, treating the vehicle as if it were his own, Julian prepared our Land Cruiser for overlanding; in effect rebuilding and refurbishing the vehicle to his own high standards from the ground up. Julian has now begun to prepare Land Cruisers for overlanding as a business venture and we wish him well. Thank you Julian.

FROGS ISLAND 4x4.We came to use Frogs Island ( www.frogsisland4x4.com) for most, if not all, purchases of major items of overlanding equipment. Initially this was more to do with geography, Frogs being on our route to and from Julian’s workshop; this enabled us to ‘drop by’, view what we were thinking of getting and discuss the alternatives face to face. It was their specialist sales department and in particular John Jennings or ‘JJ’ as he is known to one and all, with his excellent attitude and good advice that retained our loyalty. Thanks ‘JJ’.

LLOYDS TSB. Yes, Lloyds TSB! Well in truth the Twickenham branch and in particular Lorraine Geere. We were at sixes and sevens over the carnet and its funding; Lorraine took a personal interest in our plight and provided the type of outstanding customer service that reminded us of all that was best of a banking system fondly remembered by those of a certain age! Thank you Lorraine.

ANDY NARRACOTT. Last but not least Andy! We are the Flintstones of the cyberspace age and without the help and patience of a richly talented son-in-law: water engineer, allotment holder, artist, father (for the second time this coming May), web site creator and an all round good egg, there would be no web site. Thanks Andy ...YABBA DABBA DOOO!!

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