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South Africa

An Editorial
By the time we cross into Mozambique we will have spent as long in South Africa as it took us to get there! Ten glorious months of discovery and delight, during which we have been relaxing and travelling to all points of the South African compass. We have indulged ourselves, we have been selfish ...we have failed to do much in the way of preparing the Journal for transmission to our dear, overworked, Bangalored, Web Master. Well to be honest, we have done nothing! So, dear reader, we throw ourselves (figuratively!) at your feet and beg for forgiveness.

What to do! Oh, what to do? In desperation and after much contemplation we have an answer; we will give you the bare bones, a pictorial outline, in two parts, of our stay in this huge country. But before we do, some flesh for those bones.


There is one person central to this whole journey. Without Peter, Lizís brother, we would in all probability have not chosen Africa. He provided us with advice and encouragement on the way and a safe haven, a half way break point without which this journey of discovery would have become infinitely more difficult and infinitely less enjoyable. He was the perfect host and we stayed in the annex to his house, in the greatest comfort and in a stunning location, up until the end of January. This period in South Africa will be first of our two part outline. Part One will therefore be based in and around the Western Cape, apart from our final expedition with Susanne and Philippe .. and .. there was something else; now what was it? Oh, and of course THE wedding!

Please also spare a thought for our Web Master; we will in the time honoured fashion be attempting to use a picture to replace a thousand words. The title for each picture in the Journal and the photo gallery that we send to Andy then has to be manually reprinted by him, a laborious and time consuming task. Sorry, Andy!

South Africa Part One: 24 September 2008 to 28 January

South Africa Part 2: January to June (NEW - updated 8th August 2009)

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